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Light summer in  the library / Luz de verano en la biblioteca (ilustración de Arthur Getz)

"Song of Storms" 
Created by Matt Rockefeller 
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Sometimes I get real wanderlusty, and this is one of those times. 


MONKEYS in the ARCTIC?! whats next, vampires on the weekend?!

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of course you can trust me for really good relationship advice, do you know how many YA romance novels i’ve read

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Holding a real-life copy of a book I’m really proud of having worked on. 

Our ideal reading nook.
Sounds of Summer: A Short-Short Story.


Alone on the porch.

Simon spread his legs in front of him, feeling the cool breeze of that July night. A tear of sweat made its way from his neck toward his back, a forget-me-not brought on by the sun, telling him not to worry: I’ll be back tomorrow. The thought of another day of baking in the sun was enough for Simon to let out a groan and drop his head into his chest. From the corner of his eye he could see his phone light up, the vibration on the wood porch causing a buzzing that seemed to echo on his street. He groaned again. He’d have to take the call eventually. But not yet. Not now. He pushed the phone behind him, the buzzing continuing a few more times before dying, just as Simon closed his eyes.

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